The general view of current cosmetics is considerably different in comparison with what it was a few years ago. For some reason, until recently we had arrived at the point where it was widely believed that better results could be achieved only with complex treatments entirely designed in the laboratory, with zero natural origin. Recent studies and the latest research data, in fact, have shown that the skin benefits most when it comes into contact with products that are partially integrated with active substances and, ideally, mixed with natural and organic ingredients. More and more you hear of organic and natural. But what is the difference?

The notion of natural is something which should be given special attention. We can buy products labelled –”natural origin”, but this does not mean that it has not, either directly or indirectly, been in contact with chemical synthetics substances (such as fertilizers or insecticides). The concept of certified organic is of remarkable importance. Since our organic ingredients do not come into contact with any chemical synthesis we can guarantee the absolute safety and assimilation by the body without any contra-indications. The skin needs to be cured with treatments that restore its natural beauty, and its own well-being, without coming into contact with treatments which can be harmful.

The project of the division FACE Italy-Beauty and Luxury was born with the precise aim to always meet the highest demands of a modern woman who wants to achieve the best results and maintain them over time.

Our laboratories have made a clever mix of ingredients, natural ingredients with the BIO certification, conceiving a formula capable to harmonise our most exposed part of the body – skin – giving instant freshness and relief, incomparable brightness, and continuous protection. Finally there is the possibility to stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, which contribute to the tenor of our skin, and inevitably, over time, reduces its effectiveness. Our line of products for the face re-teaches the skin how to protect and shelter itself in harmony with nature. Our complete line of treatments, used daily, will let you have an incomparable experience, with anything, giving privilege to the well-being of our closest friend “the skin”.