Nowadays there are more and more thoughts running through our minds, reflecting on our body . Air pollution is added to sudden climate change, by putting a strain on our lifestyle and what went well until not long ago, now no longer works, it is not enough. Or simply, does not meet the growing demands of the modern woman. The face line Viso I-B&L was conceived, designed and dedicated to those new growing needs. The winning combination provided by the latest generation of active substances and natural ingredients originating from certified organic agriculture has set a new precedent for the beauty of facial skin. The skin of the modern woman needs constant protection, hydration, and to be more radiant than ever. Recent research on the needs of European woman has shown that the larger concern in most cases is a dull complexion and an uneven face, even more than the presence of some inevitable sign of expression.

The modern woman wants to be understood first, then well advised. For this reason, she wants to trust people who constantly are thinking of her needs, which could restore new youth and maintain what is most precious, her health. Only healthy skin is naturally beautiful. Thanks to treatments, facial lines I-B&L teaches your skin to defend itself by stimulating self-defense and protecting against the effects of free radicals.

The modern woman likes to be treated, to have a radiant, fresh and well protected skin, to feel desired, and be at peace with herself. It is needed very little to be so: I-B&L brand, which in its logo expresses “Made in Italy” at the highest level, and created by the best specialists in the field of innovative treatments, is available to every woman who wants innovative care to preserve and maintain her appearance.

Italy-Beauty & Luxury welcomes you to a new way of understanding beauty products, for you.