It is said that people don’t change, and it’s probably true. Everything else is in constant development, today more than ever. Technology is at the service of humanity, if properly used. Modern cosmetics have made great steps in skin care. Not so long ago there were cosmetics that only a select few could afford, primarily the much beloved Hollywood stars. Today many things have changed. However, there is still a significant gap between the cosmetics for the skin and everything else.

Thus was born the cosmetics I-B&L, state-of-the-art technology and the nature of the Made in Italy, the modern woman to cover the difference once unattainable. The skin, as all other organs, is depending on care. It is our largest organ, most valuable protective sheath, which, depending on different seasons, requires careful and gentle care. We have specific clothing for every season, which protects us from the cold, moisture, sun and wind, and what about for our skin?

There are no secrets, there is no elixir or magic potion that would work, there are no beautiful or ugly women…. only women with well-refined or less healthy skin. It will be enough to dedicate a few minutes to our skin with antioxidant golden treatment, specially created by our experts, which would have solved all our daily problems associated with free radicals. Combining active ingredients and certified organic ingredients, our treatments can give skin a healthy-looking hydration and radiance, day by day.

The difference is all here. The face line I-B & L was created for this. Clean your skin and your skin will take care of you. Taking care of the organ that covers all the rest is something necessary, which contributes to a different harmony that will confront daily life more secure, serene and radiantly beautiful.