Can your skin really be beautiful even at 80 years of age? Apparently yes. Take a look at what Giulio Basoccu, luminary of aesthetic surgery, had to say about the resounding skin of Sofia Loren. “Very few women get to the age of 80 and still manage to astonish with their beauty. A face such as that of the diva, with firm yet supple skin, nearly invisible pores, vibrant with the perfect degree of hydration, is the fruit of years of attention and more than anything a lifetime of avoiding excess. It is definitely possible to counter aging skin through a balanced lifestyle, choosing a healthy diet, and balancing hard work with relaxation (” We would add that the deterioration of collagen and elasticity is inevitable with the passing of time, nevertheless it has been seen that the epidermis can remain healthy regardless of age. Other than maintaining a healthy diet and the most balanced lifestyle possible, one also needs to assure the best direct care for their skin. When used daily, IBEL treatments, thanks to their formidable concentration of active principles, substantially help the skin, guaranteeing the correct hydration and powerful protection against free radicals. Together, all of the aforementioned bestows to the skin an appearance which is notably more vibrant and firm. Every woman who is fortunate enough to come into contact with the world of Italy Beauty & Luxury can permit herself to skin that is particularly cared for, unique, and special, just like a Hollywood diva. Or almost…age is no longer ultimately what counts, but how one feels about herself. The small daily gestures of attention which we lay out, are what make the difference over the course of a lifetime.