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0.618 The Magic Number

Known also as the Golden Number, it is defined as the ratio of the golden section, or better known as gold proportions. Since its discovery, this number has been widely considered to be a representation of universal laws of harmony, and beauty in all forms of expression. The performance of the stock market, the development of certain species, the variance of leaves on a single stem, the positioning of pedals and seeds in certain flowers, are all often responding to the numeric system similar to that of Fibonacci.

The nautilus, a large mollusk whose shell is divided into sections forming a perfect spiral, attests to the claim that the golden section is the mathematical express of natural beauty and elegance. The golden proportion was well known and used by the ancient greeks as a harmonic ration in architecture. We can also trace it back to the Parthenon in Athens, the Pyramids in Egypt, and many famous sculptures. The Golden Ratio was also very popular during the Renaissance: the dimensions of the world’s most celebrated painting, The Monna Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci, correspond exactly with the Golden proportion.

And still today, modern architecture, such as the United Nations building, are erected based on the same proportions. The Fibonacci sequence is likewise represented in music, examples including Bach’s Fugues, Mozart’s Sonatas, Beethoven’s 5th symphony. Schubert uses it in his 959 Sonata in D Major, and the greatest example of the Golden Proportion being used on a vast scale is probably in Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring.


An excellent product, its structure allows active absorption at the level of epidermis, ensuring immediate and permanent effect, especially giving moisture from the inside (which is saved within three days after application), until it reaches the outer layer, smoothing out fine and deep wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid is an important component of the skin, as is involved in tissue repair. When the skin is exposed to excessive UV rays and air pollution, the skin deteriorates and dermal cells cease the production of hyaluronic acid, increasing its level of degradation.Therefore, the skin needing treatment rich in hyaluronic acid.

Its main functions are:

– helps create an external skin barrier with its environments acts, acting to prevent the penetration of pollutants, creating an invisible film on the layer of the epidermis

– adds volume under the skin

– stimulated the reproduction of keratin cells and increasesthe presence of Retinoic acid, so better hydrating your skin.

These primary material substances, called natural ceramides, were found in the protective lipid layers of human skin. The skin has more of an aesthetic role as it protects against excessive water loss and environmental attacks. This “barrier function” mainly takes care of the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the skin. The lack of Ceramidie- other lipids in the stratum corneum, makes your skin dry and flaky, with poor safety barrier. Ceramides are lost upon the contact with water and under the influence of the environment. It is also known that Ceramide significantly decreases with age. The addition of Ceramide helps to restore the protective barrier of the stratum corneum.

Main functions:

– stimulates the activity by giving an effective skin barrier strengthening the body’s natural lipids that help regulate water loss;

– helps to keep skin looking smooth, supple and youthful

– interacts with natural lipids of the skin to create a permeable barrier, allowing the skin to breathe properly

– keeps your skin soft, supple and helps prevent and reduce wrinkles, reducing water loss;

– moisturizes and protects

Also known as ubiquinone Q10 or Coenzyme Q10 is one of the most important oxidizing agent and is used successfully to reduce the phenomena of aging of the skin, as well as in the case of an imbalance due to lack of oxygen utilization processes. It is a strong antioxidant thatprotects cellular structure from free radicals, having an excellent anti-aging effect, counteracting the damage of skin tissues, which weaken over the years.


– used together with the other means of anti-wrinkle and moisturizing ingredients, significantly improves the function of their active substances.

The first and only third-generation antioxidant providingmultiple protection against a wide range of air pollutants and environmental stress. Thanks to the technology,Horehound extract is rich in phenylpropanoids, active substances in plant defense responses. Rich in substances with a strong antioxidant property, more than double than the natural antioxidants.


– immediate protection, through a powerful anti free radicals action;

– long-term protection, maximizing the system performance of skin self-protection;

– prevents photo-aging of the skin (aging due to sun exposure);

– improves the skin’s ability to resist oxidative stress;

– anti-pollution formula and detoxifying.

The first and only extract known as Leontopodium A, obtained with the use of biotechnology, with a proven anti-aging effect, rich in natural defensive substances with high biological activity, such as Phenylpropanoid, with the highest concentration obtained at the moment.


– reduction of wrinkles around the eyes;

– prevents the loss of collagen;

– ageing and prevention from photo-aging.

One hundred spherical pearls (each with 2 ml.) containing diamond dust, are in contact with the skin, leaving a valuable part without other residues. The skin immediately takes a particular effect of gloss, thanks to the diamond and at the same time, promotes blood circulation and stimulates the oxygenation of the tissues.

We know more than 6.000 different species of roses; few of them have the fragrance to which we are accustomedto. The most beautiful varieties currently used in cosmetics, it is absolute, of Easter origin Rose (Rosa Damascena). Its flowers are deep pink color, very fragrantand have 36 petals. The most valuable part of the rose is its essential oil.

Roses are picked after three years of life of the plant, in spring, for a period of 3-4 weeks.  In quality and quantity, oil reached its climax when the roses are picked early in the morning. The flowers are separated under their cupand must be processed immediately, to avoid fermentation.

The essential oil of Rosa Damascena is not extractedthrough distillation of water. The oil extracted from the rose is water-diluted and only a small part of it is separated after distillation, the reason for which the rose absolute is preferable, since it retains overall best flower characteristics. Of more than 450 kilograms of roses you can extract just 1 kilo of essence, from which you can get 150 grams of rose absolute essential oil. It is therefore a very valuable ingredient, which embodies the essence of one of the most beautiful and fragrant flowers, which gave us nature, being always a symbol of beauty and femininity. This fluid pink and amber color, with a rich, sweet and persistent floral smell, was particularly emotional feelings and has a deep, significant harmonizing effect.

A special and unique product, created by the skilful hands of the master glassmakers of Murano and Venice, which are still using manual work and blowing, a technique which jealously pass from generation to generation. This masterpiece was created by an Ancient Artistic Glass Factory Murano with distinguished artistic glass production: it is small or large masterpieces of the highest artistic craft, real collectible items in limited edition and exclusive, only for refined customers looking for exceptional object, as is 0.618.

Improving the traditional know-how of Murano glass, were experimented and developed additional techniques over the years, in order to make their objects always unique creations and in step with time: everything is well displayed in the production of this particular pot of gold-foiled glass with a basement, which aims first to change, innovate and propose the product so different and unique.

Every detail of the product is treated in constructive details and then cross-checked until they can get the authentication signature engraved on the glass, with brandand guarantee certifying the quality and origin.

The ability of this Artistic Glassware masters gave the possibility to realize works together with artists, architects and galleries around the world. Antica Vetreria Artistica belongs to the Promovetro Consortium, which brings together the leading companies in traditional crafts, whose products are made according to the highest quality standards of Murano glass production. It is also a dealer, with the code nr. 22, of the brand “Artistic Murano Glass”, a guarantee that the Veneto Region recognizes exclusively to working furnaces on Murano.

0.618 is a precious masterpiece, each detail, each element which composes it, both inside and out is designed to give an experience you never experienced before and to keep you in time.